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Brownie Bites 4ct @25mg D9 (100mg Bag)


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Our delta 8 brownie bites are one of our most popular products. Moist and chocolatey, they deliver a flavor that completely disguises the taste of the hemp extract inside.
Some users experience negative symptoms when smoking weed, especially if they’re high in THC content. These same users are finding none of the same anxiety, paranoia, or confusing symptoms when it comes to delta 8. Likely due to its lesser potency, delta 8 provides the high without the negatives for many users.
More than just a high, though, it provides other benefits as well. Researchers see it as appetite-stimulating and may help certain users maintain focus easier, among other pluses. Everyone is different, so it may not affect you the same way. The potential for everything delta 8 has to offer is there, though, and we love to see it. 
Warning: This product could cause you to fail a drug test.
Sugar, Flour, Cocoa, Eggs, Hemp Derived Delta-8 THC, Vegetable Oil Contains dairy
Made in a facility that also processes nuts
Contains wheat


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