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Our mission is to glorify God by providing information about CBD extracted from hemp. We are a locally owned, family operated small business serving the Memphis area. Our products are sourced from a local hemp farm regulated by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s pilot program. We offer a full spectrum and CBD isolate product line made here in Memphis, TN.

Amber Salmon


Our personal CBD journey began after our special needs son was over medicated with prescription drugs. I began researching natural, holistic, alternative treatments and my studies led me to CBD. The hardest part was not the decision to try CBD, but rather finding a safe product that we could trust. Thankfully, God led us to Adam Frederick, with Lucky Leaf/Hemphis Farms. Adam and his business partner, Chris Blaylock, are both native Memphians and Christian Brothers Alumni. They were one of the first hemp farms in the 901. They provided us with a local, traceable supply. We began a daily CBD regimen and the difference we saw in our son were nothing short of miraculous. We wanted to share our story and help guide others with similar struggles. God laid it on our hearts to establish TN Roots CBD, not only to glorify him, but to educate, advocate, and inform others of the benefits of hemp. Our goal is to help others navigate their own journey by providing clarification on some of the many misconceptions regarding CBD.

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100% LEGAL

(federally and in the state of TN)
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Ref. Sec. 7606 of the 2014 TN Farm Bill. Hemp Farming Act (S. 2667). Sec.12619 of the 2018 Farm Bill


Containing less than 0.3% THC, hemp derived CBD will not get you high or cause any form of intoxication.


Strict state regulatory guidelines on growing and production are enforced by the TN Dept of Agriculture ensuring the safety of TN CBD products.

What You Need to Know About CBD


Hemp Seed oil is made from pressed seeds only. While it has very little CBD, it does have health benefits, such as omegas.

There are three main types of CBD Hemp Oil:

1) Full Spectrum (<0.3% THC)

2) Broad Spectrum has everything (including terpenes and cannabinoids)  minus the THC.

3) Isolates are the pure isolated CBD molecule.

In TN, only hemp extracted CBD products are legal. That means that the product must have less than 0.3% THC. Full spectrum CBD is the most effective. Unfortunately, the small amount of THC does increase the occurrence of false positives on drug screenings in very rare cases. An isolate, which is the isolated CBD compound, contains 0% THC and has little to no risk of triggering a false positive. When choosing any CBD product, we encourage everyone to do their own research.

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